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Ok my Little Hearts and Angels

I'm getting my messages and working hard to hear God's miracles to give me the strength and knowledge to get to you. I'm coming!

Playing with Photos

I need to focus this one. 

To the Little Hearts and Angels of Scotland

Young teens pray for me to hear to show me the way to get to you to get you off the street. I wouldn't have continued my journey with my music if it wasn't for Dave at No Names Radio in Scotland of XRP Radio that gave me the support to continue with my music when my last question of it was with Resurrect My Home. I said if this song didn't cut it I would quit. He said 'no problem' and aired it on his show. More importantly, I learned yet still a better lesson: though I didn't fail I needed to create the magic for me to continue, and this is where you come in, I need magic. I need your souls to reach to me to give me the steps needed that I need to take. Scotland is where I need to start for my Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond. Please let me hear your voices so I can follow your wishes and dreams to make them come true. Inspire me...please?! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏🌞🌞🎊🎊👍👍😘😘

Latest "Female Soul" (from #sappho) More Drums and Soul

Female Soul

A Little Love from You" by Lori Jean #superladycd

Watch “A Little Love from You" by Lori Jean #superladycd #lorijean #lorifinnils on Vimeo:

Requested on XRP Radio #lorijean


Lori Jean CD 'Highlight'


Happy!! #lorijean

Bit of Happiness (Updated)


Tim Chratle on guitar

"I Put on My Gloves" in a Podcast intro.

An associate of mine and a wonderful woman who has overcome challenges as I and has her own radio podcast show titled Every Day is a Second a Chance used my song in her intro. How exciting listen here: You'll be grateful for her inspiring show as well.

Reflecting Back

I suffered hypoxic encephalopathy in 1990. I was told I would never retain information academically again. I am 6 classes away from finishing my BA in English which I started in 2011, I have an album release in March titled Super Lady, and a wonderful label that produces and promotes some of my songs, as well as many radio stations that play my music. Namaste

Me at Rocker's Dive

Sweetest Thing Eeevver Said to Me

(Exclude my son) Oh my gosh... I think I'm ready for this!!

Love ISX Radio and my label! #factoryfastrecords

Little Girls by Lori Jean

#theshiftradio #superlady #lorijean #lorifinnila

Super Lady on The Shift Radio

"Super Lady" CD and "A Little Love From You" 'Highlight'

Super Lady CD and A Little Love From You Highlight

"Super Lady" CD by Lori Jean 'Highlight'


#factoryfastrecords #lorijean


Rock Mom Heals with 'super lady' theme!


Joined Sigma Tau Delta

It's an English Honor Society and Alpha Phi Beta. Cool!  Government . National officers form an administrative council, consisting of president, two vice-presidents, executive secretary, and seven area regents. 

Bit of Happiness (Original Remix)


The Shift Radio Station

#superladycd #lorijean #lorifinnila Out March 15th at Prerelease March 2nd at a discounted price. The Shift Music (@the_shift_music) 2/5/16, 9:59 AM Great artist now playing on - 'Super Lady' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . #online #radio

'You Named Me Best Friend' #superladycd throwback

'You Named Me Best Friend' Throw back from #superlady

Anew #lorijean

Wind and wisps of her hair, she knows you're there. She appreciates the thought in the time you give her, to her moments, to herself. While gazing out among herself, she finds a fresh, anew. A new spot she has never seen before. She is so thankful you let her do this. For she would have never been able if it was not for you.