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Monday, July 29, 2019

#newsong #lyrics I'm in Glee #happy #puppyprimelove #lorijean

wanna know my business
here it is:

you make me smile
you make me stand tall
I'm glee ming with you......
IN the air
I'm super woman for you

You make me rush
you make me blush
I'm standing here all alone
I can't stand still

I'm in glee
give me a reason
this happens to me

I'm high in my heart
you get a kick
you give me a kick
over to you

I lose my breath
you start to smile
are we in style
your magic hits me in my prime

I'm in glee
give me a reason
this happens to me

you make me smile
you make me see
you make me jump so high
I'm happy to see

are we in style once again
are we in chic
together maybe baby
your magic hits my prime
I'm in glee
give me a reason
this happens to me

You strike my heart
you're not afraid
I'm waitin on you night and day
just give me a call
or lend a hand
I don't mind when or what it is

I'm in glee
give me a reason
this happens to me

use your head
use your mind
I'm waitin' on your heart baby.....

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Breaking the Path #playlist #tagged As Victims #lorijean #molestation #childabuse #abusedwomen #abusesurvivor #femaleartist #femalecomposer

Tagged as Victims - learn what happens to lives of victims in their life's travels being tagged by abuse in Lori's songs in Breaking the Path at soundcloud.. Being marked as a child molested, though her mom grabbed her when the fondling began outside her diaper, Lori was targeted as owned in her own leading nation of the United States. This continued into her juvenile and adult years, tagged, molding her path with abuse afflicted upon her.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Beautifully Imperfect Album #lorijean #beautifulimperfections #allies #friends #solitude #yoga #holisticnutrition

As I struggle day to day, trying to find ways to get better, heal, connect with others, possibly love someday, I still struggle daily finding the right ways and methods. I've been fighting disease with food, fighting broken nerves and cracked bones with yoga, I should feel it's a lost cause in a world with contempt, threat, and resentment toward my injuries done to me, I don't. Perhaps it's my world I've made, I'm making, my new solitude of hope I've built myself, and sometimes someone comes in and gives me a shimmer of happiness from their end. But when I feel a breath enter my body from a place where force can't be controlled doing yoga or delect honey sweetened chocolate, I know there is a greater world.

As I write more and more I seem to be coming to a conclusion, a branding. A road from my life that is making a pattern. I can feel a collection of songs making a branded album.

Beautifully Imperfect Album Synopsis

I just wanted to address the choice to be a single woman and mom. I found there weren't many choices in life when it came to this and they were becoming less and more limited the stronger my body and mind grew toward this decision. I was left in a dilemma to make my own platform and constantly dragging, clearing a path for myself. As I clear, and reflect on times of love, I write my music.

My beautiful imperfections that are mine now, that I have received outside of beauty, sit on my shoulders as I write, think. They have become my strongest friends, though I'm told to ignore them - I can't they're too strong.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Releases in the Works #playlist #lorijean #electronic #indiemusician #femaleartist

New Releases in the Works

I'm proud to display a new playlist that I've been working hard towards. I love the atmosphere of the electronic festivals and would be so proud to be a part of it.