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Monday, April 29, 2019

Kate Bush Alike?! - Running Up That Hill - Official Music Video

I've been described that I'm like her. Geez....?!

#newcomposition for #song The Rest of Your Life #lorijeanrocks #musician

I worked really hard on this yesterday. It was one of those all day projects. I shifted through many loops to combine this variation. I think it's a bit of all of me.

The Rest of Your Life

I want to add a relation to this song that reflected to me yesterday while watching November Criminals on DVD.
Ansel Elgort said, "I don't know Where I'm going, but I promise it won't be boring. And said by David Bowie."

I'm not sure where this song is going, but it's definitely not boring.

Photo courtesy Allegory Malaprop

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

#newsong Life is Open #musician #rock #lorijeanrocks

Life is Open

Life Is Open

The door opens
her face shows again
She's taken down
scattered to the climax
Life is open

Her daily struggle
pictures naked in her mind
She's uninhibited in a church
the only validity shows in the rose

Boy destroy her
to her virtuous journey
she winds up a woman
a broken person

With sex
she can only climax with a man
of a mind of a boy
that she can toy
and taunt with
only to her joy
In life, life is open

She strives and finds herself
with no feeling of acknowledgment
she stands tall
walks straight ahead
Life is Open

Photo courtesy Mark Shahaf

Recording with Interface #studio #recording #musician #lorijeanrocks

Hi there! I'm happy to say that I'm hooked up and in the studio with all the equipment I need. The songs should sound a bit better, though I'm still working on them.....!

So Close to God

Here's the full song to The Rest of Your Life.

Photo courtesy Mike Maguire

Monday, April 22, 2019

#newsongs So Close to #God and Those Unseen #spirituality #cries #lorijeanrocks #help

Photo courtesy new 1lluminati

So Close to God - pretty good demo except for the page turning the end. I used my Sony headphones instead of the interface again. It sounds clearer though. I'm attempting the new hook up of the interface I bought recently again possibly with a different daw.

So Close to God

My head throbs
My thumb aches
It's hard for me to write
my body is weak

Though I feel so close to God
I don't want to reach him too soon
Please tell him to love me...
And let me remain

I'm up one more day
The sun is shining
though I don't feel as connected as others do
I'm still so grateful


I feel I have so much to do
I can feel his message
I fight to put it into words
to try and remain and keep my strength

It is Sunday
I can't make I to the church
though I connect with those that have perished
on a daily basis – I will try to connect
with them until I can find a meaning to all of this


So close to God

Those Unseen - for those measured injuries when we want to hear solace.

Those Unseen

Injuries become a measurement in weight
When the importance of the cries
come up to discuss

Those unseen are left
far from the mind
our cries never measured

Scars are seen
way too late
because the body's ability
can't relate to that time


Our body becomes a machine
to reconstruct
our mind never heals
or learns to cope.....

Those unseen are left
far from the mind
our cries....

those unseen are never measured
aren't measured, those unseen

Our cries are too far from the mind.....

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Composition for #newsong The Rest of Your Life #musician #lorijeanrocks

A bit of clicks in this version of the new composition as I'm writing and composing it at the same time. I came up with this dreamy piano for my new song The Rest of Your Life. Hope you like it so far. I feel I'm getting better commercially lyrically.

Photo courtesy Eddi van W.

Monday, April 15, 2019

New Song "The Rest of Your Life" #lorijeanrocks #musician #newsong

The Rest of Your Life

Photo Courtesy

I see you again
staring through that window
of the large poplar store
dreaming your life.

You wild nightmares
your black sea
who's gonna take care of you
the rest of your life

The stories don't change
sadness remains
one word spoken
brings it back to you
where you want it to be


Upside down, there's your mind
the world, the trees, the green
the sunflower to capture someone
as you tell it


Did the admirer come out to you
did he show himself
how long do you have to act
how long do you have to pretend
to get attention again

One wild maimed story
topples the other
the skin thins to exhaustion
of the stage you make yourself on


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Inspired to Play with Music #lorijeanrocks #screenplay #musician

I got inspired yesterday and started outlining a screenplay and what music I might use I was also thinking in my mind.

After the Baby - Inspired by life


INT. Doctor's office with woman star both sitting in chairs. The doctor browses through the woman's records.

Doctor: I don't feel comfortable seeing you with no one else here. You'll have to come back and bring someone with you.

Woman looks dumbfounded.

Narrative of Woman

I always wanted to be a princess. Reminds me of me fighting for opportunity with function. Though I was told very early on - early enough to sue the hospital that maimed my during routine surgery with anesthesia, I would never retain any information in studies to supply me with money for college at a local rehabilitative agency. Yet I was mental? Or still at least being refused at that time to be addressed with a brain injury in all the right situations for the doctors and hospital responsible. It was right about the time Tanya, or her husband, was beating up on Nancy Kerrigan. I was one of those in my own fight. I could barely see at times, but the fear always shone.

'Then I got pregnant and had a baby. If there's anything you can do you fight to prove you can do.'

Photo Courtesy Toshiyuki iMMAI Flickr.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

New Song and Variation to So Damned #newsongs #lorijeanrocks #musician

 I didn't have the update to the driver so I didn't use the new interface with these, but I was just playing around for now.

So Damned rock
Poisoned Again electronic rock #newsong
This one is a tough one but I'm working on it like "So Groovy" and I like to aim for challenging work.

Photo courtesy Ricardo at Flickr.


Comes to me in roars
Makes me step back
Take a thought of where I am

The fright comes upon me
takes me to a place
of desecration
that burning inside of me..

My head begins to fade
It all ends up blended in my routine
I've become a creature
of my own pain

It's happening again
and again and again
That burning
that yearning
that's in my mind

They say you complain to me
You complain to them
You think you're a victim

Please tell me
in my state of mind
why I'm not
valuable enough to remain

It's happening
over and over again
I'm a rat
I'm an animal
My mind is burning

that's in my head
the yearning in my mind
for someone to help me

It's happening again
again and again
That burning
that yearning
that's in my mind

I'm poisoned again.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Updated Upcoming Star News for Lori Jean at Pete's Rock News and Views #lorijeanrocks #rockmusic

He put up my songs that support women!!

Pete is loving and calls me the next uprising rock star! I'm working hard towards it. Watch for more here, especially possibly a new video from me.