Inspired to Play with Music #lorijeanrocks #screenplay #musician

I got inspired yesterday and started outlining a screenplay and what music I might use I was also thinking in my mind.

After the Baby - Inspired by life


INT. Doctor's office with woman star both sitting in chairs. The doctor browses through the woman's records.

Doctor: I don't feel comfortable seeing you with no one else here. You'll have to come back and bring someone with you.

Woman looks dumbfounded.

Narrative of Woman

I always wanted to be a princess. Reminds me of me fighting for opportunity with function. Though I was told very early on - early enough to sue the hospital that maimed my during routine surgery with anesthesia, I would never retain any information in studies to supply me with money for college at a local rehabilitative agency. Yet I was mental? Or still at least being refused at that time to be addressed with a brain injury in all the right situations for the doctors and hospital responsible. It was right about the time Tanya, or her husband, was beating up on Nancy Kerrigan. I was one of those in my own fight. I could barely see at times, but the fear always shone.

'Then I got pregnant and had a baby. If there's anything you can do you fight to prove you can do.'

Photo Courtesy Toshiyuki iMMAI Flickr.


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