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Monday, April 22, 2019

#newsongs So Close to #God and Those Unseen #spirituality #cries #lorijeanrocks #help

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So Close to God - pretty good demo except for the page turning the end. I used my Sony headphones instead of the interface again. It sounds clearer though. I'm attempting the new hook up of the interface I bought recently again possibly with a different daw.

So Close to God

My head throbs
My thumb aches
It's hard for me to write
my body is weak

Though I feel so close to God
I don't want to reach him too soon
Please tell him to love me...
And let me remain

I'm up one more day
The sun is shining
though I don't feel as connected as others do
I'm still so grateful


I feel I have so much to do
I can feel his message
I fight to put it into words
to try and remain and keep my strength

It is Sunday
I can't make I to the church
though I connect with those that have perished
on a daily basis – I will try to connect
with them until I can find a meaning to all of this


So close to God

Those Unseen - for those measured injuries when we want to hear solace.

Those Unseen

Injuries become a measurement in weight
When the importance of the cries
come up to discuss

Those unseen are left
far from the mind
our cries never measured

Scars are seen
way too late
because the body's ability
can't relate to that time


Our body becomes a machine
to reconstruct
our mind never heals
or learns to cope.....

Those unseen are left
far from the mind
our cries....

those unseen are never measured
aren't measured, those unseen

Our cries are too far from the mind.....

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