New Song and Variation to So Damned #newsongs #lorijeanrocks #musician

 I didn't have the update to the driver so I didn't use the new interface with these, but I was just playing around for now.

So Damned rock
Poisoned Again electronic rock #newsong
This one is a tough one but I'm working on it like "So Groovy" and I like to aim for challenging work.

Photo courtesy Ricardo at Flickr.


Comes to me in roars
Makes me step back
Take a thought of where I am

The fright comes upon me
takes me to a place
of desecration
that burning inside of me..

My head begins to fade
It all ends up blended in my routine
I've become a creature
of my own pain

It's happening again
and again and again
That burning
that yearning
that's in my mind

They say you complain to me
You complain to them
You think you're a victim

Please tell me
in my state of mind
why I'm not
valuable enough to remain

It's happening
over and over again
I'm a rat
I'm an animal
My mind is burning

that's in my head
the yearning in my mind
for someone to help me

It's happening again
again and again
That burning
that yearning
that's in my mind

I'm poisoned again.


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