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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Hear Your Cries #foraveryspeciallittlegirl

I hear your cries

These dark doors, these halls
I wonder what will still go on once I'm gone
The cries moans and screams of pain
I can't bear one nite more
From a little one so young

She trusts me as I promise to her
I'll never leave her with her pain
As I'm contradicted when I tell
How can one so young feel so much
Fright to be subject to being a grown woman

I hear your cries
I feel your fear
As I stare at your baby picture
in the kitchen

Please lord
Hear my prayers
Hear her cry
Don't let this go on one more night

I hear your cries as you're so alone

The End

Dedicated to a very special little girl

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas Cheer!! #kickstoppushed #lorijean #teensatcrossroads

Getting a little Christmas cheer going! Might do a singing show that day or the nite before... or both!! What do you think of that?! Watch for it here and mark your calendar as the day gets closer. AND I'm thinking of giving you kids for your album a completely brand new song that I think is one of my best, "Kick Stop Pushed," that I've been working on (Demo YouTube link). Yeah!! I think this might help in addition to your cd sales. Can take early Christmas orders for this bonus edition to the album once I announce closer to the date. Do a Black Friday prerelease showing of what will come for those who leave deposits towards your albums.

For those of you that haven't kept up or heard of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Yeah!! Spain Radio #lorijean #liveperformance #BodegaSalto

Lori Jean (@lorifinnila)
Yeah!!! ❤️🖐👏 @BodegaSalto 'Lori Jean' Feb. 26 @Sala_Apolo @RazzmatazzClubs #Spain…

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Correction - Excerpt "My Brain Injury" by Lori Jean Finnila

Sorry, the download doesn't work anymore. My publisher must have fixed it. Here's an excerpt though: Excerpt "My Brain Injury" by Lori Jean Finnila

Always Write Something that You Can Say You Believe In
There's so many changes in our lives that each book our minds change to the feelings written in them. If we be frank and know ourselves this won't happen.
My Brain Injury by Lori Finnila
Given away free in the web by people I don't know.


Almost 40,000 hits to this site!!! And counting...looking for 100,000. ❤️ you guys!!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

6 Years After Worst of Head Injuries #injuries #lorijean #Hoovey #attained

It's almost 6 years to date, or could be six years by now, don't have the exact date of the worst of the head injuries with the gunshot wound to the head that left me very incoherent in the long run process of its outcome, but somewhat to the other bodily injuries - there was so much going on constantly - but I can see the difference. My efforts aren't so hardly used, my mind isn't so tortured to speak and think, and I'm sure there are those that notice, and I thank you for this. If I can recap, it's been a long 20 years and plus, once again it's been hard to identify the whereabouts in this day and age of all the consistencies of injuries from whom and where when it's been so long throughout and continuously covered up: but I've almost finished college to get that tassel after being told I wouldn't retain information and detained from assistance to it, soloed my own LP produced by a well known reputable label that sought me out as I was aspiring to this after never being given the chance to lead in school to this after going back, and gaining financial independence with consistency of having everything taken away from me. I watched Hoovey tonight. This post is inspired by this movie.

I've learned that I'm Portuguese, but really Portuguese. I remember the love and warmth mostly from The Holy Ghost Grounds I would go to as a child with my family, mostly my mother, that would celebrate the Portuguese culture. I loved it. I felt a place of where I fit in and felt loved. I remember the love from my mother the most even when those around me fought me to this feeling, she still endured and hoped I would hold on to it. We fought to the end and she ended up dying at a time when I was still running from the opposers keeping us apart. I do remember the love from my dad as he held me and I kissed his ear - easier days when our family was allowed to love one another with not too much interruption. I accept that your marked in America, shunned, and cast - even by your own family members, to be attainable to outsiders with no consideration to speech of the situation, as a molested child from outsiders - though I never had the full impact. I don't understand this and don't agree. I understand I'm a woman and the choice to have sex with me against my wishes, even still in this day and age, is still very attainable and widely accepted even in America - we haven't changed much from the single or even lower numbered eras to this type of grabbing to be expected for release. Unfortunately other women go against one another to detain from this so it doesn't make it any safer with relying on just female guidance or supposing that a larger variety of this would help. It took me all these years to know and understand this system and how it works.

But I still want you to know what I attained.

Song "If You Dare Roll Over"

All My Music to Date with Factory Fast Records played on the Radio All the Time 🎊🎊🖐🖐👏👏

Bit of Indian in Me

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sparkle, I'm So Happy #song #love #sparkle #follow

A song I'm working on.

Sparkle, I'm So Happy

I am life
I am whole
I have all that you can imagine
That's all I need to be happy

I need bread
I need milk
I need breakfast
With love from you

Give me sparkle
Let me grow
I'll show you my crayons
And where they came from
For I am happy you will know

Lend me your hand
Make me whole
I am already everything
I need to know
I do dream
I just need help from you
I am everything that you can't imagine

I am a child with
Eyes that glow
I yearn for a place to grow
Where I can treasure to give love
In an unrelentless environment

Follow Sparkle

P.S. I think I'd love to put a 'Sparkle' sign on a piece of land. Maybe a few pieces. Maybe a WHOLE lot!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Featured "TJ's Muse Bridge Radio Show" in Vegas Sunday #lorijean #caesarspalace

So honored and will be there Oct. 30 2:00 pm PST for my song "Ashes on My Cup."  @museboatradio  @TaunjuaTJClark ❤️👏 and will be in 24/7 rotation. Please feel free to request.

Show Link and radio station link.

Getting closer to
My Caesars Palace gig!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Pia's Records" TV Pilot Soundtrack Coming Soon!

"Pia's Records" Soundtrack for TV Pilot coming soon -- LJ Productions | PRLog

Thursday, October 20, 2016

'Lori Jean' "Cox Music Show" Nov. 10

DJ Alan Cox will be playing my new song out at iTunes on my "There's a Way Through" album "Ashes on My Cup" at Beyond Dawn Radio.

Site for the Live Show

Mixcloud Link

Facebook Page

Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Little Girls" again.... Awe... Well

I decided to write a book after listening to Rebecca Campbell tonite after I joined her Rise Sister Group. She helped me get to that book that was inside of me. I learned a bit of how to get it published from a free book publishing video series from Hay House where I want it published.

So here it is: it will be a guide for little girls lost, as I was, and I think a lot of us little girls. I want to catch them before so much time is lost with all I learned. Of course it's a Gaulish attempt as all my work, but I think well worth writing.

A small snippet:

Little Girls: A Guide to Being a Little Girl

I felt lost most of my little life. I felt I couldn't talk. I felt I couldn't share. I don't know why. What I do know is the more I felt this the longer it went on in my life.

It could have been something as simple as not knowing how to read a smile, word, or gesture towards me. I was a confused little girl. Yet, I had stars in my eyes like any other little girl. I wanted to be a star. I wanted to be a princess.. a mother… a wife, and even at a time a bottle capper at a brewery with my best friend like Laverne and Shirley.

Why did I feel so lost if I had so many of the same feelings as other little girls? I know today now that we all were a little lost. But why? Most of our mommas loved us. Our grandmas were there for us. Was this a time and place that was so different from today? I don't think so.

I still see little girls unsure to express themselves even in the most loving families. What makes me the expert? I guess because I'm willing to talk. Most people, especially woman, feel uncomfortable to this -  especially in a book. In a nut shell I don't want to see many more lives of innocence in little girls to go wasted.

Innocence is beautiful in little girls but the very thin line, and I say very as fast in thin in seconds or minutes, it can change to something in almost all of us. Why is this? And more importantly, how can we change this to a possible more positive experience or make the lines not so thin in its speed coming at us so we don't see it to be able to deal with it and make change – even in our little lives? I think by reading a book from me that is an expert in loneliness.

End of snippet.

And with a page a day, or less should be done in 6 months. A book for girls doesn't need 365 pages. And the rejection or acception should come much earlier from Hay House. It only takes 4 weeks. Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Revival Internet Radio 'Lori Jean' #lorijean #UK 10/7

I'm listening to Revival Internet Radio on @TuneIn. #NowPlaying @Revivalinternet 'Lori Jean' airing 10/7 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST.

At Deezer Now There's a Way Through album #deezer #lorijean

Up at iTunes There's a Way Through #album #release #lorijean

There's a Way Through by Lori Jean

My 2nd album this year of all my collective music to date. 1rst one is with Factory Fast Records.!lori-jean/chp5 Still working on more new stuff.

Also the release will be following up at Deezer, Shazam, Xbox, Amazon, GooglePlay, and Spotify.

Check out all the latest work for my upcoming projects here: SoundCloud Highlight to album release  as well as touring information here: EPK.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New 'Highlight' "There's a Way Through" album #lorijean #music #release

I made the Oct. EP release into an album since there was a system error at the anticipated release time with the following songs so I thought to make you a new highlight. Just checked on the status of the release today and it appears everything is running accordingly. The old "There's a Way Through" is down. "She Finds the Chords Herself" and "What About Good Old Eve" will be down in the next couple of days and hopefully the new album including these two songs will be up at iTunes when this happens or at least close to this time.

Ashes on My Cup
There's a Way Through
Grandma Farinha
I Put on My Gloves
Though I'm One Less
He Holds Me Right
Aesop Made Abel
Johnny's in Mars
What About Good Old Eve
When She Was Young (feat. Ned Euphorya)

"There's a Way Through" album 'Highlight'

I hope you enjoy this!! Now all my best songs are out between the Factory Fast Solo CD and this upcoming digital one. And hopefully the exposure to the tracks included that are toward the Teens at Crossroads song project CD listed under pages on this blog will become more valuable with the exposure it receives from this album.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

By Dave Darin (@DaveDarin) 'Wow' Lori Jean

Dave Darin (@DaveDarin)
This track JUST came in by @lorifinnila wow, this is There's A Way Through on

Kickoff with DJ Dave Darin of KWSS 93.9 FM of My Song #tonight #soon

Kickoff with DJ Dave Darin of KWSS 93.9 FM of My Song #lorijean #tonight #soon

"There's a Way Through" by me, Lori Jean (Finnila)
He is a DJ at ISX radio too so more play of it Saturday 7:00 pm
Album out soon this month at iTunes.

Kickoff with DJ Dave Darin of KWSS 93.9 FM of My Song #tonight #soon

Kickoff with DJ Dave Darin of KWSS 93.9 FM of My Song #lorijean #tonight #soon

"There's a Way Through" by me, Lori Jean (Finnila)
He is a DJ at ISX radio too so more play of it Saturday 7:00 pm
Album out soon this month at iTunes.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sorry 🙁🙃 #confusiontoday #release #lorijean #consolationprize

Sorry for the confusion today with my release "There's a Way Through" release. I don't know what happened but you will be even happier in a few days when it regoes up and you can listen to the entire thing in Spotify with MORE songs added to it.

Love you guys!!

I'll give you guys the demo to "Kickstop Pushed" as a consolation.