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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sparkle, I'm So Happy #song #love #sparkle #follow

A song I'm working on.

Sparkle, I'm So Happy

I am life
I am whole
I have all that you can imagine
That's all I need to be happy

I need bread
I need milk
I need breakfast
With love from you

Give me sparkle
Let me grow
I'll show you my crayons
And where they came from
For I am happy you will know

Lend me your hand
Make me whole
I am already everything
I need to know
I do dream
I just need help from you
I am everything that you can't imagine

I am a child with
Eyes that glow
I yearn for a place to grow
Where I can treasure to give love
In an unrelentless environment

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P.S. I think I'd love to put a 'Sparkle' sign on a piece of land. Maybe a few pieces. Maybe a WHOLE lot!

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