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It's almost 6 years to date, or could be six years by now, don't have the exact date of the worst of the head injuries with the gunshot wound to the head that left me very incoherent in the long run process of its outcome, but somewhat to the other bodily injuries - there was so much going on constantly - but I can see the difference. My efforts aren't so hardly used, my mind isn't so tortured to speak and think, and I'm sure there are those that notice, and I thank you for this. If I can recap, it's been a long 20 years and plus, once again it's been hard to identify the whereabouts in this day and age of all the consistencies of injuries from whom and where when it's been so long throughout and continuously covered up: but I've almost finished college to get that tassel after being told I wouldn't retain information and detained from assistance to it, soloed my own LP produced by a well known reputable label that sought me out as I was aspiring to this after never being given the chance to lead in school to this after going back, and gaining financial independence with consistency of having everything taken away from me. I watched Hoovey tonight. This post is inspired by this movie.

I've learned that I'm Portuguese, but really Portuguese. I remember the love and warmth mostly from The Holy Ghost Grounds I would go to as a child with my family, mostly my mother, that would celebrate the Portuguese culture. I loved it. I felt a place of where I fit in and felt loved. I remember the love from my mother the most even when those around me fought me to this feeling, she still endured and hoped I would hold on to it. We fought to the end and she ended up dying at a time when I was still running from the opposers keeping us apart. I do remember the love from my dad as he held me and I kissed his ear - easier days when our family was allowed to love one another with not too much interruption. I accept that your marked in America, shunned, and cast - even by your own family members, to be attainable to outsiders with no consideration to speech of the situation, as a molested child from outsiders - though I never had the full impact. I don't understand this and don't agree. I understand I'm a woman and the choice to have sex with me against my wishes, even still in this day and age, is still very attainable and widely accepted even in America - we haven't changed much from the single or even lower numbered eras to this type of grabbing to be expected for release. Unfortunately other women go against one another to detain from this so it doesn't make it any safer with relying on just female guidance or supposing that a larger variety of this would help. It took me all these years to know and understand this system and how it works.

But I still want you to know what I attained.

Song "If You Dare Roll Over"

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