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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Hear Your Cries #foraveryspeciallittlegirl

I hear your cries

These dark doors, these halls
I wonder what will still go on once I'm gone
The cries moans and screams of pain
I can't bear one nite more
From a little one so young

She trusts me as I promise to her
I'll never leave her with her pain
As I'm contradicted when I tell
How can one so young feel so much
Fright to be subject to being a grown woman

I hear your cries
I feel your fear
As I stare at your baby picture
in the kitchen

Please lord
Hear my prayers
Hear her cry
Don't let this go on one more night

I hear your cries as you're so alone

The End

Dedicated to a very special little girl

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