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God is Love EP #lorijeanfinnila #godsplan #ep

  I'm trying to keep myself busy with all the current affairs going on now. To do my "God is Love" EP I feel I'll be giving myself truthfully at my highest to the world.  EP Surviving Angel Till Then War is Over God Has All the Power Glass Coated Gold I'm hoping my recording equipment holds up.  God bless! #lorijeanfinnila #godislove #ep #godsplan

Beautiful Love Bracelet for Valentine's Day #friend #etsy

 Love this woman and all she does. She is a survivor and makes many beautiful things. Valentine Bracelet

God Brings This Moment of Love #newsong #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila

  Photo by  Shiny Diamond  from  Pexels God Has All the Power He keeps my mind going Where I could never go otherwise Though God is the strongest His love, dedication, devotion, caressing His love brings youth to my every thought, move, emotion Keeping me young As I see the light, life fills my face Chorus God has all the power To bring me to this moment All I have to do is wish and dream And you are there Verse Life has new meaning I wish and hope And dream like a child Like never before Like my dreams are coming true Bridge How did I get so lucky To see such beauty Before my eyes Like God Standing right before me  Chorus Verse Now all there is I have to do Is lay down And think of you And you are right here Chorus

"Till Then" #videoclip #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #rape

 The vocals aren't professionally lined up with the lyrics for my head injury yet. You can hear the slower moves to this in some where the cracks in my head get in the way. I'll have it professionally done and polished when it's finished. Draft of " Till Then " by Lori Jean Finnila Video of the Story Line to the Song Photo by  Zack Jarosz  from  Pexels

"Glass Coated Gold" #newsong #videoclip #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila #nostalgia

Also another indie top charts song with Spain. Full lyrics: Glass Coated Gold So bored with disgust Can't compare my lethargy With words that come out of my mouth Please forgive me for speaking my boredom is beyond tears Too many places None have compared   Chorus All I know  are the glass coated gold The freedom to run Play limitlessly The direction always pointing to me   Verse A desire to behold A monument, That fine white house  on the hill to be mine   Chorus Verse Which all led to  chancy foot skating On a flowing river  where ducks drown I could see to the bottom As I hear the ice crack As I was gently lifted to my state  where I should be   Bridge Boredom, I need more fun To the farthest place  I can run, A queen to be A show of me  in a play for everyone to see   Chorus Verse The tears for me As I thin to fear Dismay once again Will I survive   Chorus

"Am I Awake" #release #song #lorijeanfinnila

"Am I Awake"  Out January 27th at Pandora, Tidal, iHeart, Spotify and more. 

"Till Then" #explicit #rape #song #lorijeanfinnila

 Lyrics: Till Then  Verse  I faint when I think  Of the time lost  The time of the past  As you undressed me after I was drugged  Chorus  I know one day we will talk  I'll walk so high and proud that day  And I'll wait to be rectified till then  Verse  I said no  You said you needed it  I couldn't fight  I couldn't get away from you thereafter  Chorus  I know one day we will talk  I'll walk so high and proud that day  And I'll wait to be rectified till then  Verse  It all started with a simple plan  Take me down in a hospital  Separate me from my family and friends  Make me look crazy  Bridge Tried to tell others  But no one would believe  The catastrophic story was too wild  Coming from me  But this smart, bright girl wouldn't dull  So you took me down more   Followed me for many years  Brought fright and physical pain  In my shoes I'll walk like an adult  See myself stand tall before God  Who knows it all  ooooooo Chorus  I know one day we will talk  I

First Top Charts Song Officially Out Tomorrow Remastered

 Out officially tomorrow the remastered copy of my first #topcharts #song with @ValleyFM895 #australia #lorijeanfinnila @radioindiealliance @Tidal Spotify

Draft of Song "Surviving Angel" #newsong #video #musician #lorijeanfinnila #angel #survivor

  Please excuse the audio friction in this draft. Lyrics Verse How can I take in  Such things  that don't seem real What am I to learn from this Or grow as it feels Chorus How can you grow  from something so awful How can you feel proud being one of the ones left standing Verse Am I the strength  or have I always been  to walk down this surreal path  as the surviving Angel Please tell me where to walk where to go what am I to do Who should I serve under God   Am I the one To walk through hell for all Chorus How can you grow  from something so awful How can you feel proud being one of the ones left standing    

Top Ten Australia

  So #honored to have been chosen #topcharts by VALLEY FM 89.5 and Banks Radio Australia this week for "Flying All Alone." Please find song under 'radio friendly tracks' at #lorijeanfinnila