God Brings This Moment of Love #newsong #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila


Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

God Has All the Power

He keeps my mind going

Where I could never go otherwise

Though God is the strongest

His love, dedication, devotion, caressing

His love brings youth to my every thought, move, emotion

Keeping me young

As I see the light, life fills my face


God has all the power

To bring me to this moment

All I have to do is wish and dream

And you are there


Life has new meaning

I wish and hope

And dream like a child

Like never before

Like my dreams are coming true


How did I get so lucky

To see such beauty

Before my eyes

Like God

Standing right before me 



Now all there is I have to do

Is lay down

And think of you

And you are right here



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