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"I'm So Very Dry" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 Watch for this cool song I'm working on for my next podcast.  Lori Jean Finnila Singer Songwriter Podcast I know I feel dry (deficient or absence) when I feel I'm not loving someone to my 100%. Image by  PIRO  from  Pixabay   Verse Look at me in the bright sunshine it’s shining off my eyes like water flowing beautiful ripples of the entirety of the most beautiful way you see me most at my most vulnerable you’ll see I’m more   than what’s in front of you Chorus All I need is if only you certify I’m so dry now begging you let me command   the act to arrive I can part the seas now Verse I will clear the waters of my entire tearful thoughts transport hope into   your lonesome heart Chorus Verse Of all the horrible acts cowardice is what I lack bringing myself closer to your vigor Bridge I’m beseeching I don’t know   I fear I will die Once you have already taken all that I have how do I make this right I’m dry I’m so dry I’m so very dry   I’m so dry I’m so very dry

"8 Hours I Wait" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

  I know how you feel everyday. I’ve sat many days in anguish praying for my pain to be over. This is a piece of work I wrote in school that got an 'A' and probably helped me land the membership with Sigma Tau Delta. I turned it into a song. Watch for it in the Oct 28 Lori Jean Finnila Singer Songwriter Podcast composed as a song. Image by  SplitShire  from  Pixabay   8 Hours I Wait Verse 8 Hours I wait For someone to see me crawl I want to breathe again I wait to breathe again 28 more days For this fortune to take place That I'm so destined to Right now  Without anyone Chorus 8 Hours I wait For someone to take me from this place To see where I fall Where I’ve done no wrong 8 Hours I wait Verse 8 Hours I wait For you to take me From this place So dark So dreary No thought No choice I had To this theory 8 I wait Chorus 8 Hours I wait For someone to take me from this place To see where I fall Where I’ve done no wrong 8 Hours I wait Verse 8 Hours I wait From this place That to

Rewrote "Beautiful and Resilient" to "I Can Overcome You" #newsong #lyrics #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 I'm working on a composition for this song and think I have a pretty draft to at least put my lyrics to. Watch for this in my next podcast episode Lori Jean Finnila Singer Songwriter. Image by  Moondance  from  Pixabay   "I Can Overcome You" by Lori Jean Finnila Verse You take me down By one look at you Though I’m drawn to you I still have fear to face You’re so powerful Your strength takes me down At the same time  The strongest to my imagination You are outside of my conception I’ll find a way to take my steps to you Chorus Though my fear appears to be stronger Your depth is far equal to I know, I can overcome you…… Verse Your dark and long Dry and strong Holding me in my chest I can’t breathe I can’t see straight But in reality You’re just a beautiful place Am I to  move on from here And feel my true beauty and resilience I feel I need to take these steps And once I’ve done this They’ll be so many more I know,  so sadly But so true Chorus Though my fear appears to be

A Bit of a Poetry/Prose “Dead Woman in a Park” #unreasonableexpectations #lorijeanfinnila

 This I felt so strongly within this past hour. I could feel the coldness of how unimportant she was. I do remember her as an important woman. News Article Image by  Nicole Turner  from  Pixabay   What is the difference between this beautiful woman who is trying to find her beauty and strength in a tent?  A Woman's Struggle With the Fear of Camping Alone Unreasonable Expectations written by Lori Jean Finnila You are lost now not knowing what you see so sure of your fear before you die As you lay here dying no one hears you crying you eventually die eventually others who know your pain cry In the beauty of nature you find your last home perhaps finally feeling the safest ever perhaps it was a wanderer perhaps it was your fear that took you to your last day here I will remember you I know your journey I know your path I am a woman too who couldn’t fit into what was expected of us We all know too much we can’t fit into this triangle   of expectations that are unreasonably put upon us