"I'm So Very Dry" #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 Watch for this cool song I'm working on for my next podcast. 

Lori Jean Finnila Singer Songwriter Podcast

I know I feel dry (deficient or absence) when I feel I'm not loving someone to my 100%.

Image by PIRO from Pixabay 


Look at me in the bright sunshine

it’s shining off my eyes

like water flowing beautiful ripples of the entirety

of the most beautiful

way you see me most

at my most vulnerable

you’ll see I’m more 

than what’s in front of you


All I need is

if only you certify

I’m so dry now

begging you let me command 

the act to arrive

I can part the seas now


I will clear the waters

of my entire tearful thoughts

transport hope into 

your lonesome heart



Of all the horrible acts

cowardice is what I lack

bringing myself closer

to your vigor


I’m beseeching

I don’t know 

I fear I will die

Once you have already taken

all that I have how do I make this right

I’m dry

I’m so dry

I’m so very dry 

I’m so dry

I’m so very dry


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