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Monday, October 10, 2022

A Bit of a Poetry/Prose “Dead Woman in a Park” #unreasonableexpectations #lorijeanfinnila

 This I felt so strongly within this past hour. I could feel the coldness of how unimportant she was. I do remember her as an important woman.

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Image by Nicole Turner from Pixabay 

What is the difference between this beautiful woman who is trying to find her beauty and strength in a tent? A Woman's Struggle With the Fear of Camping Alone

Unreasonable Expectations written by Lori Jean Finnila

You are lost now

not knowing what you see

so sure of your fear

before you die

As you lay here dying

no one hears you crying

you eventually die

eventually others who know your pain cry

In the beauty of nature

you find your last home

perhaps finally feeling the safest ever

perhaps it was a wanderer

perhaps it was your fear

that took you to your last day here

I will remember you

I know your journey

I know your path

I am a woman too

who couldn’t fit into

what was expected of us

We all know too much

we can’t fit into this triangle 

of expectations that are unreasonably put upon us

that no one can expect to live through

but some do by chance

Perhaps some still leave earlier

Not in the same way

yet they’ve all known the pain

of the unreasonable expectation

Some die of the exhaustion

Some die of the cold

Some die of murder

Dying becoming too early old

Some die of mere sadness

of no pleasure that they can’t find within their heart

possibly of once known so great

that they can’t ever put their hands on again

But don’t worry now our angel

I do remember as we all know

your pain, your trouble, the unreasonable

expectations of becoming a woman.

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