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Begging For Your Mind

 Begging For Your Mind If there's not a storyline  or a man wanting to be in our minds  we can't get into sex.   A woman thinks  about every move she'll make  to a man seeing this How much I want you to know My arms trestled over my pillow My serene face begging your mind For what leads up to this Before my face Where I'm in the place For your move, your moves Into me as I beg you to see I'm waiting for you My arms trestled over my pillow For a song  Leading to this Begging for your mind The End

Pleading For Help

 I had felt lonely and desperate to connect physical and emotional abuse to autoimmune diseases. A group I joined, with a doctor in charge, I had been sharing my personal story feeling the connection. I have seen the threads open up since then with the many beautifully shared stories from women to the same connection solidifying my thoughts bringing comfort sealing the statistics. I remember pleading for help when I could feel what the poisons had done to me with a reply 'Why do you want to do something with this' feeling devastation. #autoimmunedisease #abuse #lorijeanfinnila 

I'll Stand Strong, I Need You, and My Odyssey #song #releases #lorijeanfinnila #love #stand #home

I have three songs under my radio friendly tracks going out Feb. 26th at Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Tidal, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and more that you're free to download and listen to and share." I'll Stand Strong" is rough but it's too important to leave out. "I'll Stand Strong"   "My Odyssey" "I Need You"