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Women Join Hands Rejoicing in Jean's Video

Women  Join  Hands  Rejoicing  Tears  All  Over the  World Lori  Jean shows  a  differential  approach in comaraderie  to  women. Perhaps  one  so bold and  forbidden in  theme,  tears  can  be  a  place  of joy  taking  those  next  steps  in changes  in life.  Beautiful  and  bold “Let  the  Tears  Flow”  song video  being  worked on as  a  release  by Jean finds  a  new  life  with joy  as  we  turn our steps  towards  the  changes  that  happen  to us  with each  new day  turning our tears  with them.  Women from  all  over  the  world join hands  in every  culture  as  we dance  together in  step! Turning  our tears  to  steps  shows  change  in  movement  with women  holding hands  from  all  over  the world. Camaraderie  in  “The  Virtuous  Woman”  with  a  woman taking control  of her secretions  brings  strength back  that  has  been taken  from  women's  bodies.  Yes  we've  had pain,  but  that  new  day  is  our day  and  a day  of joy  because  it's  our ste

Muscle Hanging From Backbone #badmoment #abuse #lorijean #rock

I could have ended up in a wheelchair today and could lose all my benefits if this government shutdown effects it. Not only have I not asked to be abused and maimed - starting out with foul play in a hospital in 1990, and have tried many times to get a job being honest about my dad injuries, but the muscle hanging on my back that's separated from my backbone was pulling on me like a rubber band today trying to carry my load of groceries in a cart that has to be maneuver over train tracks in the city roads. I came home feeling helpless to cry - and that's not me. I ask myself quite a few times lately, with all the so clear to me evidence of a sick man following me, or had been - with his track record and my reports of him, to CPS as of lately and very public in the media, why if I made that clear blue call he wouldn't be picked up. And once again I get the same answer - they wouldn't believe me.

Valentine's Day Gift #gift #song #rock #lorijean

Working on a Valentine's Day song called Valentine . Enjoy while I'm working on it. I'll have it for you that day. Luv ya!! Valentine You're killing me you wander from me too many times you're killing me someone I've know so dear for so long You take me to that place where I've been asleep for too long you're killing me that special place inside of me where I won't share Take me to that place where I've been asleep I'm dreaming for this to last I'm amid with thought about you why do I breathe so hard which way are you going to take me which way do we or are we going to go you're killing me you're killing me that special place inside of me where I won't share you're killing me.. repeat..... ….. my valentine..... my valentine.....

New Covers


In the Studio #lorijean #rock #music

 Have fun with these as well! Luv ya! 70's clothes line I want to have!!! So Damned (mello) So Damned Verse Why try so hard when the edges can't be smoothed I'm walking over an edge but falling no where so damned Chorus so damned at times in the morning many times everyday maybe forever Verse smiling is it enough cherishing those around me talking to god wanting to be good Chorus so damned at times in the morning many times everyday maybe forever Verse pulling on my vibes changing my walk to adhere to the atmosphere that lays placed in each step I take maybe at this moment it seems forever though I can't see any way out Chorus so damned at times in the morning many times everyday maybe forever Let the Tears Flow   Let the tears flow verse my head pounds with the lights and sounds confusion at the top of my head chorus let the tears flow

Nominated Executive Award 2019' from The Akademia! Yeah!! #award #nomination #akademia #lorijean

Working on my acceptance speech. Thanks for all the love! April 7th this year will be the gala.

So Groovy and When All the Guilt is Gone and We All Fail Sometimes #demos #lorijean #rock

I have the demos done. When All the Guilt is Gone needs professional mixing more than I can do. Enjoy yourself. When All the Guilt is Gone We All Fail Sometimes So Groovy Enjoy!!

Two #demos We All Fail Sometimes #Aldo #domesticviolence #song #lorijean

I have two demos. I kind of like the second one more. I don't want to lose the lyrics in the song - this is important, yet I want all to enjoy and for those who feel to hear it as music. Still working on it. Have fun listening along. First One Second One Me after coming back from being sent to Portland away from my child because there was no room in DV shelters in Eugene, OR. I had left my home and was at a hotel with my son at this point, very broke and lost everything - with no support other than emotional from an organization and medically which I'm very grateful to. Much love!

A Bit Corky #sogroovy IN STUDIO #lorjean #ronaldo #inspiration

It's a bit corky but soooo pleased my studio is done and practicing So Groovy by me, Lori Jean . Thanks Ronaldo for your inspiration of your life to inspire other kids to the arts and sports!! Wish I could show you some of the video. #mtv submit australia new music