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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Muscle Hanging From Backbone #badmoment #abuse #lorijean #rock

I could have ended up in a wheelchair today and could lose all my benefits if this government shutdown effects it. Not only have I not asked to be abused and maimed - starting out with foul play in a hospital in 1990, and have tried many times to get a job being honest about my dad injuries, but the muscle hanging on my back that's separated from my backbone was pulling on me like a rubber band today trying to carry my load of groceries in a cart that has to be maneuver over train tracks in the city roads. I came home feeling helpless to cry - and that's not me.

I ask myself quite a few times lately, with all the so clear to me evidence of a sick man following me, or had been - with his track record and my reports of him, to CPS as of lately and very public in the media, why if I made that clear blue call he wouldn't be picked up. And once again I get the same answer - they wouldn't believe me.

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