Women Join Hands Rejoicing in Jean's Video

Women  Join  Hands  Rejoicing  Tears  All  Over the  World

Lori  Jean shows  a  differential  approach in comaraderie  to  women. Perhaps  one  so bold and  forbidden in  theme,  tears  can  be  a  place  of joy  taking  those  next  steps  in changes  in life.  Beautiful  and  bold “Let  the  Tears  Flow”  song video  being  worked on as  a  release  by Jean finds  a  new  life  with joy  as  we  turn our steps  towards  the  changes  that  happen  to us  with each  new day  turning our tears  with them.  Women from  all  over  the  world join hands  in every  culture  as  we dance  together in  step! Turning  our tears  to  steps  shows  change  in  movement  with women  holding hands  from  all  over  the world. Camaraderie  in  “The  Virtuous  Woman”  with  a  woman taking control  of her secretions  brings  strength back  that  has  been taken  from  women's  bodies.  Yes  we've  had pain,  but  that  new  day  is  our day  and  a day  of joy  because  it's  our steps  that  we  are  taking.  As  we  turn  and hold hands  and take  these  steps together the  warmth  of love  spreads  throughout  the  world.  We  are  in charge.  These  are  our bodies. Whether our loves  have  died,  left  us, passed on or raped  us.  This  is  our journey  and only  our precious journey  to hold  and walk and share  in  connection to  and with others  bringing beautiful  harmonies  and strength  together. It  can be  beautiful.


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