"Little Girls" again.... Awe... Well

I decided to write a book after listening to Rebecca Campbell tonite after I joined her Rise Sister Group. She helped me get to that book that was inside of me. I learned a bit of how to get it published from a free book publishing video series from Hay House where I want it published.

So here it is: it will be a guide for little girls lost, as I was, and I think a lot of us little girls. I want to catch them before so much time is lost with all I learned. Of course it's a Gaulish attempt as all my work, but I think well worth writing.

A small snippet:

Little Girls: A Guide to Being a Little Girl

I felt lost most of my little life. I felt I couldn't talk. I felt I couldn't share. I don't know why. What I do know is the more I felt this the longer it went on in my life.

It could have been something as simple as not knowing how to read a smile, word, or gesture towards me. I was a confused little girl. Yet, I had stars in my eyes like any other little girl. I wanted to be a star. I wanted to be a princess.. a mother… a wife, and even at a time a bottle capper at a brewery with my best friend like Laverne and Shirley.

Why did I feel so lost if I had so many of the same feelings as other little girls? I know today now that we all were a little lost. But why? Most of our mommas loved us. Our grandmas were there for us. Was this a time and place that was so different from today? I don't think so.

I still see little girls unsure to express themselves even in the most loving families. What makes me the expert? I guess because I'm willing to talk. Most people, especially woman, feel uncomfortable to this -  especially in a book. In a nut shell I don't want to see many more lives of innocence in little girls to go wasted.

Innocence is beautiful in little girls but the very thin line, and I say very as fast in thin in seconds or minutes, it can change to something in almost all of us. Why is this? And more importantly, how can we change this to a possible more positive experience or make the lines not so thin in its speed coming at us so we don't see it to be able to deal with it and make change – even in our little lives? I think by reading a book from me that is an expert in loneliness.

End of snippet.

And with a page a day, or less should be done in 6 months. A book for girls doesn't need 365 pages. And the rejection or acception should come much earlier from Hay House. It only takes 4 weeks. Will keep you posted.


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