New 'Highlight' "There's a Way Through" album #lorijean #music #release

I made the Oct. EP release into an album since there was a system error at the anticipated release time with the following songs so I thought to make you a new highlight. Just checked on the status of the release today and it appears everything is running accordingly. The old "There's a Way Through" is down. "She Finds the Chords Herself" and "What About Good Old Eve" will be down in the next couple of days and hopefully the new album including these two songs will be up at iTunes when this happens or at least close to this time.

Ashes on My Cup
There's a Way Through
Grandma Farinha
I Put on My Gloves
Though I'm One Less
He Holds Me Right
Aesop Made Abel
Johnny's in Mars
What About Good Old Eve
When She Was Young (feat. Ned Euphorya)

"There's a Way Through" album 'Highlight'

I hope you enjoy this!! Now all my best songs are out between the Factory Fast Solo CD and this upcoming digital one. And hopefully the exposure to the tracks included that are toward the Teens at Crossroads song project CD listed under pages on this blog will become more valuable with the exposure it receives from this album.


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