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As I struggle day to day, trying to find ways to get better, heal, connect with others, possibly love someday, I still struggle daily finding the right ways and methods. I've been fighting disease with food, fighting broken nerves and cracked bones with yoga, I should feel it's a lost cause in a world with contempt, threat, and resentment toward my injuries done to me, I don't. Perhaps it's my world I've made, I'm making, my new solitude of hope I've built myself, and sometimes someone comes in and gives me a shimmer of happiness from their end. But when I feel a breath enter my body from a place where force can't be controlled doing yoga or delect honey sweetened chocolate, I know there is a greater world.

As I write more and more I seem to be coming to a conclusion, a branding. A road from my life that is making a pattern. I can feel a collection of songs making a branded album.

Beautifully Imperfect Album Synopsis

I just wanted to address the choice to be a single woman and mom. I found there weren't many choices in life when it came to this and they were becoming less and more limited the stronger my body and mind grew toward this decision. I was left in a dilemma to make my own platform and constantly dragging, clearing a path for myself. As I clear, and reflect on times of love, I write my music.

My beautiful imperfections that are mine now, that I have received outside of beauty, sit on my shoulders as I write, think. They have become my strongest friends, though I'm told to ignore them - I can't they're too strong.


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