#superlady CD Update

My 2015 LJP Works Review did something. I appreciate all the support given by all, but now see the light even clearer to my journey.

I Put on My Gloves
Not Bare At All
Super Lady
What Ever Happened to Little Lisa
You Could See It
She Finds the Chords Herself
Come Into the Light
A Familiar Sound
Though I'm One Less
Jesse's Song
Once You Know You Can Never
You R Star
Say You Love (Original Remix)
She Shows Me
You Named Me Best Friend

(Have to ask Tim)

Update: Was at the wonderful XRP Radio in the UK this morning and talking to my label Factory Fast Records about the distribution of my songs, I've come to love this title and cover. Apparently I'm best at alternative roots, which is what I am. We ALL do ballads anyway!! 😘😘❤️❤️😍 Thank you fans for your LOVE!! I'm working HARD for you!!

Changes to the CD. The name. Distribution to brick and mortar available-first time for me for this. And out on my mom's birthday, March 15th. I will begin press releases Jan. 15th.


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