Ringing in the New Year #concertwindow

I'm ringing in the New Year with you at an online concert at Concert Window.

I'm so thankful for the support, the connections, and the people I've worked with this year! 

Factory Fast Records
The Shift Radio
ISX Radio
MuseBoat Radio
Dr. Bones Radio
Beyond the Dawn Radio
Open the Door Radio 

Griffith Records for holding on to me with "Say You Love Me" and believing in me.
My compadres, Ned Euphorya and Tim Cheatle, for sticking it out with me through all my ups and downs. My Meme and Pepe for inspiring me with this year's release through my label, LJP Works. And of course, my beautiful son, whom I call my magic child, for making this all possible!


Some songs: Under Your Pillow 
Just Like Yesterday 
Jesse's Song 
She Finds the Chords Herself 
Say You Love Me 
Though I'm One Less 
Anonymous Girl
 Don't Tell Him 
Bound Unhelped.       Encore: You Named Me Best Friend


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