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Some Lives are So F Up

Some lives are so F up
I know it's mine
I know I’m one of them 
I know you wanted to beat me
Shut me up
I did it to myself
You took the most precious thing from me

I would lay there
Never disagree
Try to please 
Close my eyes 
Never letting anyone touch me

I walked a road
Crossed a path
When someone came into my life
And pried my legs apart

You took something so valuable from me
I knew right from the start 
That's when it all happened
I didn't let the hitting stop

I let myself die
I let myself go
I walked in numbness
I didn't know what else to do

But the fight is on
Though I did  it to myself
I won't be sorry 
From now on

It's just what it is
I know now for sure now
Life just happens
Shit is what it is 
My battlegrounds are ready
I put on  my gloves

You want to fight
You want to take me away
You may have won
But I’ve just begun

I sit here scrawled up 
On my bathroom floor
Without a friend
But somehow … I feel 
You can never hurt me more than you did
You broke me down
But I'm sure to win 
You took my baby
You took her life...
What a sad pitiful sight for you
You shouldn't have forced your strength on someone like me

I make the Valentine's Day cards ... dad no
The gloves are on ... I've got nothing to lose


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