He Walks Among Us #happysunday #lorijean

He Walks Among Us

He knows each day, 
his day 
With Each step
carefully planned 
His face with pleasure to intent with desire to accomplishment

Though he may not breathe the air we breathe 
Or walk the roads we walk
He wakes up every morning
He walks among us

Ge may not wear silk
He may not drink milk
He stays here
his space, dreams, and intentions just as important as us

His face may look gray and dusted
His clothes worn
His face and hair unfamiliar 
He is adorned

He knows his path
He carefully plans his everyday
With purpose 
It is known
Another journey 
Another day left not unspent


Though he may just carry 
Large bags of empty bottles
Throughout his day
He has his fathers eyes
With a mission like all of us


Courtesy Boston Globe

Courtesy Priceonomics


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