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New Poem and Updated One


A New Cycle of Life

by Lori Jean Finnila

The horns are blowing to the sky fold

innocence is crushed below.

Screaming, peeks through the night

I can see from eight floors up.

Those crawling, begging, pleading

wishing they were where you are.

Tap, tap, tap

rattle, rattle, rattle

it brings


Prays and yelps from the church

swings that bring new delight

the whale calls

stomp, chuckle

tap, tap, chuckle

tap, tap again

a smile begins.

The wind moves with no explanation

it's strong

shook my windows last night

I feared the cold.

The trees at the tops blow around

pointed buildings blend with the rain

tap, tap again

the man below smiles.


The Crazy Sun Shines

Poems by Lori Jean Finnila


the trees,

brash with leaves

they will not fly away


chocolate sprinkles are sweet

small, poignant

are they


delight is ecstasy

corners are sharp

edges are dull

circles are round

Wheels turn

The morning breaks

Thumps on the roof

Remind me of this

Cars, trucks

Or at least motors

Rustle in the streets

Slacks of sheets so slick

Take the air

Sand dumps

Engines roar

Another city morning


Flower still

be still for me

under the sheet

cornered on the chair

Your pink and white

blue, dark green

detailed crisp

shadowed by edges

cornered by rounds

enveloped in some

grayish at times

drifting lovely

below like a fall

the completion at the end

jumps up again


three lines cross six

though the third

is a quarter of the way here

the second is half

the third almost full shown

but separated by a fourth

that shows at the bottom

six show like church pipes

the dip points

to the corner window

as the sun shines in


                                           Photo courtesy Front Range Forum


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