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Monday, October 23, 2017

New Poem "Cat in the Wall" by Lori Jean Finnila #poems #lorijean #lorijeanfinnila #songs

My poems eventually turn to songs by part or whole. "My thoughts are my gifts." Lori Jean Finnila

Cat in the Wall

A trapped cat inside of a bag
needs holes to breathe.
Hearing this first thing in the morning
is disturbing.

Was it in my attic?
I looked to see if I had one
I knew I didn't
I had to retrace my mind.

My fear for this cat persisted
on the toilet
in my mind
in the wall

Can a hat hide in the wall?
More importantly, can someone
put a cat in the wall?

how wide is the wall?
Is there an opening?
Is there another area of the building
that hides cats?

Aah, I see it in the courtyard.

Photo courtesy PBS.

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