Portugal Radio AirPlay Where is She?

This seems to be my tribes most interest. I will try to address these. I'm pretty happy with all the AirPlay I've been getting on Q Star Radio and Hamilton Radio simultaneously. I'm pleased my wording to my life and its representation is coming out so well. I've found many deeper gifts that I have through this whole process that I hope you all will support as well as go on my journey with me. It's a great big new beautiful ride for me. And even if you're afraid to sign please keep in your hearts it's still sad in America that we can't comfortably reach out when abused because of the backlash or even more so to our kids automatically being taken. We don't have to sit in the back of the bus anymore. Please help continue to make these human changes. We're not inhuman after all. Sorry if some of this post isn't completely literate. I was healing from a gunshot wound to the head which will be there for the rat of my life. No Child Will Be Taken Away From Reporting Abuse


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