Sleepy Angel Inspire #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Sleepy Angel Inspire

Were like little lambs in the fields
Everywhere the wind blows we concede
Every whim that comes upon us
We please

Sleepy Angel Inspire
Make all that rustle go away
Through the whirls of your wind

Images too non appropriate needed to concealment
Non partisan to participation
Or conclusion to be 

Endlessly Infinity soundless
Incumbency blowing your way to me
I can tell you a dream

We are partisan
We are here to please
We are wandering aimlessly
Helpless on our knees
We cry for forgiveness 
I know a dream

All the children
Laughing and playing
They're now free
Come join my way
You can be part of me 
Come follow me


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