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I'm yearning and looking desperately to share my message of my music through videos to reach the fragile soul. I was once fragile-I think I'll always be. I keep coming back to the time when I saved my mum from pulling bad vials mixed with poisonous fluids that would have hurt her by someone and ran and buried them. I was wounded myself but at such a young age, possibly remembering what they did to me, I knew at about 2 to grab them in a 1-2second instance and bury them in the yard. They dried up and she could never be hurt by them. She always thanked me for this. The special miracle inside of me I want to share. And there are so many other wonderful stories to share of myself and others that I want you to see. 

I actually got the nerve while going over the Hay House Summit material and reverting to The Female Entrepreneurs 'How to Create Success on Purpose' worksheets the (summit will help me with confidence but Carrie Green's worksheets opened up my mind to how important the visual is to me to portray what I'm saying in my music) to post an ad on Craigslist looking for video creators who want to make story videos (of me okay too) for my music for placement on my site and blogs with their credits on it. I could see myself in an office with my studio in the back and the creators in the studio out front creating. Maybe there could be a message in it at the end-like milk is good for you! And for the plain downright hip, funny, and just rock n' roll ones to show my spark, sparkle, and flare. And on stage as well. I love people, I love networking, I was born to perform. I was born an actress. Heck I won the Lane Foundation Shakespeare Scholarship for my special talents. Heck, not only did I make it alive, but I'm entertaining as well. πŸ‘

Where do you sell inspirational videos? Who wants them? Always a business women.

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The Burning of the Houses of Parliament (1835) by J.M.W. Turner 


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