#newsinglerelease "Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer" #lorijean

Here is a song I wrote and composed today as I had bells going off in my head from the music in a movie I heard. I started thinking about Christ.

Oh Lord, Please Hear My Prayer

It excitedly should be in many music digital stores soon! Also, don't forget to watch for my song, "What About Good Old Eve" coming out as a single as well digitally May 18th. I may be making a video and will do my usual on that day at 3:00pm PST #periscope performance. For this one I'm treating myself to a professionally mastered piece from iTunes by a an engineer specializing in this. It should say this for the first time under a song that I have up at iTunes! Yeah! Birthday present and a milestone gift for me. ❤️❤️ #begoodtoyourself Also I'm excited about the fact that I'm going to submit this same song to the U.K. Charts-which is a first for me. #teensatcrossroads Necer submitted to the charts before. And being in the U.K. gives me a chance to be near my babes, in hopes that I will get your requests or answers out there to perform live. In the end, money for the Teens at Crossroads camp in #Scotland. Yeah again!! I'm working hard and getting closer. Every day is a new dream conquered and I hope my kids are selling there free record. The link is in a bar just top of this post. Ringtones and everything are included there. Go for it! Sell, distribute, burn, design, and create it the way you want. The whole thing is all yours thanks to XRP Radio in the U.K. that supported me. And if you feel to pass around the love of this project worldwide to other  homeless teens to distribute that's up to you. You are our future and you know how hard life has been. You will be our doctors, presidents, princes and princesses, ambassadors and directors, as well as teachers and moms and dads. We can learn the correct way to parent, thrive, and love from you! God Bless!! #homelessteens

P.S. Drink your milk. I'll have my first donation at Quarriers next month. Reach out.


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