"Seeing Myself Again" #newsonglyrics #lovesong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

I just wrote this song inspired by the new movie out called "Love Song."

"Seeing Myself Again"

So many dusty, cobbly roads 
I've walked on
I've felt so all alone

I came so far
Just to see myself
I'm seeing myself once again

I'm seeing myself once again
It feels so fresh and young and alive
I didn't think that I could feel this
But I know I can begin again

The road has been long
The pain has been hard
When I lost you
I had a broken heart
I couldn't see
I couldn't feel
I couldn't get past the days we spent

I live alone
I drive too far
I talk to myself
I ask why

I see the stars
I hear you call
But I know it can only be heaven


I see myself as beauty now once again
I think I can feel the warm sun on my skin
I drink life with a new taste I appreciate 



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