"Don't You Know Little Girl" #writingfromflowers #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

I used to go to 3 fields down the road from me before I was school age. I would run through the fields with flowers. I couldn't believe how free I felt. 

"Don't You Know Little Girl"

You've always been different
You've always been a clown
Smaller than most 
Like a boy, funny at times
Too short, too small
to wear a normal dress
Last in line
Late for class

Those odd colors on you catch the eye
Your misplaced personality leaves you blind
With discontentment
You doubt yourself too much

Don't you know little girl
They save the best for last
You might just be a little girl now
But the whole world is waiting for your finest

Open up those lovely petals
Even though they're different
they're yours 
They bloom in uniform


Don't let yourself feel bad
When you're always forgotten about 
pick up your chin
dry your eyes
Get out of bed

Run wild
In the outside
Your world is out there 
In anticipation 
Waiting for you to capture it



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