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Angels can save us and give us messages that are important. I got this clarification to share through my angel guides through Rebecca Campbell today. 

"Uniting All to Save the Children"

I see the visual of your small, fragile bodies, so pure

I hear your message in the flutes and harps

I hear your cries through the little girl running through the fields

looking for love

The ancestors, the angel, my ancient grandmothers that I never knew

the little girl with the light hair running through the fields looking for love

the cellar stairs I was better to be tied to

My cut up neck with thick white bandages so many mornings

I would wake up to as a toddler to be told my head got stuck in my bed

the children angels above me reach out to the little girl inside of me

Mommy, I can’t see, once again the angels come to me 

to tell me to sit down after the lights were turned out many stairs up

of the unfinished cellar I was always tied to after she said ‘go.’

Chokes of cough medicine shoved down my throat at night time

being woken up to that I was told I didn’t need so much of

how did I survive through half a bottle of baby aspirin

Acid ingested upon me through a drugged coke from a half sister at a concert

a half brother possibly into human trafficking possibly trying to sell me

with a scorned ex husband

The children angels above me reaching to me for help

warning me of destitution in a message of uniting all to save the children.


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