What Would You Be

A song I threw together, again, another one for my little Isabelle that passed from teen abuse upon me while inside of me when I was 17. This is kind of continued from all the other posts I've been doing. I think you'll like it. It is sweet.

What Would You Be

Would you be a ballerina dancing in a play
Would you be in a studio taking piano lessons
What color was your hair
Were your eyes like mine-I know they would have shined.

I picture your face like your dad's
Your hair as golden as mine once was
when I was very young

I can almost hear you talking to me
Your sweet innocence of whispers in my ears
Your sweet nothingness that leaves all to bear

My little sunshine
my little angel in heaven above
I hear you constantly now
I've learned to answer your prayers

For you shall not have to cry no more
Momma is here to save you
Rest awhile among the lambs in peace and security
until Momma can tuck you in.

by Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean


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