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 How far would you go, especially being a survivor, to thrive?

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Draft of song "This Time"



Always thinking

Always moving

Trying to create

While running away


Too much time sometimes

Not enough at times

Not always the special place

Needed to think

To help bring me to create


Sometimes I have the thought

The idea I need to create

Don't have the warm spot

To think to put it into words

Too much noise, shouting, conflict

To get anything done


I'm always shuffling left and right

It seems

Can't seem to find the right direction

right words, even the emotion gets scrambled 


Why do I have to feel like this

So many times

When the time should be right

When something comes to my mind

Always dark, scary moments come to light before my eyes

Right when I don't need it most


I think I've found the moment 

One more time

The perfect place where I lose my mind

Banging on the walls

Imaginating all

Lost in the darkest and lightest

Places at the same time

Creating magic that's mine

I think I've found the place

Needed for this moment

This space, this time 

needed in my life

Too much time 

Always on my mind

Not enough space to recreate

Dooo doo doo

The end.

Watch for "Worried" coming out April 24th, or so on thereafter, as a remastered copy and 
"Simplicity" some time this month as a remaster as well.


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