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Monday, July 16, 2018

#TopTune #lorijean #theshiftradio #timcheatle

The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio) Tweeted:
'You Have The Wrong Girl' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . Tune in now to! #TOPTUNE

Tweet from The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio)
The Shift Radio (@The_Shift_Radio) Tweeted:
'Get It Ft Tim Cheatle' by 'Lori Jean' @timcheatle @lorifinnila. Tune in now to! Keep on Pushing in 2018!

Tweet from TalentSeekersUS (@TalentSeekersUS)
TalentSeekersUS (@TalentSeekersUS) Tweeted:
Now Playing 'What About Good Old Eve' by 'Lori Jean' @lorifinnila . Tune in now to! Please x

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