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A bit more on "Never Thought of You." I'm also trying to work on another song that would possibly work for both my charitable song projects called "We're All the Same." I love the meaning and the lyrics, I just haven't found a composition that I like yet. I used some lyrics from two songs, "We All Fail Sometimes" and We're All the Same" and combined them. I changed the meaning a bit toward everyone.  I'm sure the two inspirations, Living on One and Jose Aldo would love that as well. I felt chills inside of myself as I drifted to the words 'we're all the same." It seemed to bring so much meaning and relevance to the world. My passion with the homeless always sticks with me and those cultures that can live on virtually no money and still have so much substance in life. I think at times possibly we don't see the treasures in this. Let you know more on this song.


Can't thank K-Dawg enough for this one.  


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