Super Lady Show #lorijean #performance #superlady

'Expression to the limits of a proper young lady.'

"Super Lady" Show
A performance with skit of comedy.

"Come Dance with Me"

"Little Girls"

"Desperado on Your Knees"

"Female Soul"

"Ashes on My Cup"

"Johnny's in Mars" (#teensatcrossroads Song Project)

"Grandma Farinha"

"I Put on My Gloves"

"Just Like Yesterday"

"Jesse's Song"

"Super Lady

"When She Was Young" under "She Finds the Chords Herself" at VEVO 'Lori Jean (omit from senior centers)

(Added holiday tunes for senior center holiday shows.
Silent Night)

Dancers choreographed to the theme of the story. 

Some Song Highlights
Little Girls
Super Lady


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