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Friday, January 15, 2016

(Update) Possible Distr. Changes due to $$Stolen

***Create only-that way the other artists and myself can keep track of the sales. A store in the UK and France (where the other artists live) would be great for shipping purposes. But I will personally give discounts on orders due to shipping costs if I'm requested orders from myself (; this would be for singular or large retail orders (with the according price adjustments for stores). 
End of update.

Prior Post
Due to my money being stolen from my products-that has been ongoing-I may just be releasing my 2 new albums digitally through Finland and Amazon for CD's. Amazon has been able to take care of this problem for me in the past with my own publishing company through them. I don't want to involve so many companies to fight my battles. Sorry about the inconvenience. It's not fair to the artists I represent either. :((

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