“Like a Road Map” Full Song Lyric Update #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #likearoadmap


Photo by Lori Jean Finnila 


My eyes puff and have dark marks

One a bit more obvious

The other has a lid that hangs

From the horrible undiscussable blow

But it’s the one too anyway that has a scar already

From another abuse when I was thrown

Into the cupboard corner of my garage

Doctor had to sew me up with his eyes looking down

Thank God you can’t see that one too much now


Please don’t mind me

From my brain injury

It’s really not that bad

Not compared to what’s on my body now

like a road map


I have lumps 

That look like humps

On the insides of my legs

That were pulled on when a family member

Came out to see me

my elbows on my arms

Lost their muscle - all I see is bone



I tried to send faxes to the governor 

Of my black and blue arms

When I could separate the timing from the abuse

When there was a standstill 

Never heard anything back

But thought to put the word out anyway

So I can change it for the rest

I’m still here 

I can make change

As long as I can walk 

And talk

For someone else



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