“Hit On My Head” #headinjury #mold #symptoms #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter


Photo by Александр at Pexels.com.

My nose gruffles

The air is thick

I’m feeling dizzy

I’m coughing

Thinking I’m losing my mind

I’m remembering things years ago

Like they’re yesterday

not sure of their proper time frame

It dawns-my hit on the head-but it can’t be 

because it doesn’t seem practical

Aaah I’m thinking clear now

it was the mold in the apartment 

I hear it takes your brain

Oh I have to fix this

I will

Just a crack in the window

I’m feeling better

I’m thinking clearer

I’m still getting flashes in my life

I can’t line up the  times to 

Oh that’s right I was hit on the head.


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