Updated “No More Beauty Than This” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter #lyrics


Image by 
Kaushik Chug from Pixabay


Your head lays on the bed

Your beautiful eyes 

shine in the light

Your face, your look serene

Coming at me


You’re the morning

My light

My sunshine

There’s no more beauty than this

You in front of me


Everything you are right now

I can mold you into a statue in my mind 

and see it everyday

You never have to move

And I’ll be perfectly happy



If you ever do move I’ll be lost

How will I get through my day

How will I get through my life

If you moved out of my view


I know at some point you have to

But I will hold the outline of you 

your contour in my mind

For my day the rest of my life

And wait for this moment again



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