“I Was Meant To Fly To Be Beautiful” #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter


Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

I’m shedding my skin

I’m not resisting

I’m embracing the change ahead

It wouldn’t be wise I feel to do this

I’m accepting the new change in me

I must accept my path that has led me here 

to this place to see this change

Grab it, grow, recognize it and embrace it

It is good

Change is good

It has to happen when you fight for good

Or you can’t get past bad

It feels unfamiliar and unsure 

It can be scary but I’ve made so much change already

All I have to do is grab the security to me that I know

To go forward with this change

My change is extreme and drastic 

As mountains and storms are

But this is my change and I have to take it

I want to get to the good that’s coming to me

I’ll fall into it like the caterpillar coming out of its shell

I was meant to fly and be beautiful

I won’t miss this chance again.


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