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 I still today regret leaving my husband who only hit me twice because I’ve been hit so many more times in my life. I wish I could go back to the love I had with him, but I know that’s not real. I had to write a song to this for other women going through the same thing. I wish we all knew, still, ahead of time how hard life is.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Never Knew


I never knew life could be so hard 

No one ever told me how it is 

To be a woman and to be all alone

I left you cause I couldn’t stand 

getting hit by you

It was enough even 

if only once to make me leave


I never knew life could be so hard

I had it all, I was safe and loved

I felt I was too lost in love

But I never thought 

I’d be hit so many more times


I felt at the times I was doing the right thing

Life grabbed me so hard

I couldn’t get away

I was told I should have left well enough alone

But I thought I could have it all


Please come back to me

I want that feeling of security

Tell me I don’t have to leave

I just want to feel the love I once had

With no more fright inside of me

But I know that’s not real


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