"So I Can Go On Living" #newsong #recording #alternativelifestyle #podcast #singersongwriter

Listen to the podcast about moments I share in this song. Free song "So I Can Go On Living" at Google Drive and SoundCloud under Lori Jean Finnila.

Image by Hrayr Movsisyan from Pixabay 


The early morn brings hope

Though there's quiet it's not somber

The patters of traffic in my presence are light 

The softness brings comfort

To a pessimistic morning mind


So I can go on living


The morning skies are gray but stable

They don't frighten me yet today

I won't focus till my mind lets me

Bring in a new positive day



I work hard daily to this

I know I can come past these moods 

I've proven myself to this

Time and time again



It's hard work keeping faith 

It's scary, lonely, dark, and cold sometimes

But hope I always feel

As I churn my brain open in the morning air


I know how to feel the positivity

I work so hard to bring a new warmth into my body

So I feel love, securement, devotion and giving 

Back to the world that gives me so much peace so I can go on living.


4x repeat


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