“In An Imperfect World” #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

 I’ve written another poem that I will turn into a song. It’s the idea of sitting on the sad thought of regret of our choices feeling we missed our dreams.

Photo by Pudelinchen at Pixabay.

“In An Imperfect World “

In an imperfect world

Sometimes the noise is so loud it shatters

The fragile, decent, happy thoughts, our dreams

It is more powerful than our happy mind

It takes control of our happy path, 

our life, it’s decisions, it’s outcome

It’s journey

In an imperfect world

Our dreams can be so close

Feel so close

Yet in reality we are letting them go by

Saying we have to let them go by

In an imperfect world

Of order, command, reality, nostalgia 

Whichever we pick to call it

There is a reason we have to make practical decisions 

Money, order, just the plain ruling of the land 

We feel guilt

We blame ourselves

But if we have to think that short of time

Before we’ve found the imperfect world

It wasn’t our dream

Our destiny, supposed to be

It should go in flow 

With unity

In the universe

Be the way we we are supposed to be


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