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Perhaps I can turn this into a song. My daily struggle with positivity is documented in this poem/song as I try to stay positive toward the thought of losing my eye sight. I make food that brings inspiration to my mind to stay skipping with new tastes of spices and juices to keep me enlightened, otherwise I probably wouldn't eat. 
Photo be reenablack at Pixabay.

Poem (haven't named it yet or picked a chorus-writer's world)

The early morn brings hope
Though there's quiet it's not somber
The patters of traffic in my presence are light 
 The softness brings comfort
To a pessimistic morning mind

The morning skies are gray but stable
They don't frighten me yet today
I won't focus till my mind lets me
Bring in a new positive day

I work hard daily to this
I know I can come past these moods 
I've proven myself to this
Time and time again

It's hard work keeping faith 
It's scary, lonely, dark, and cold sometimes
But hope I always feel
As I churn my brain open in the morning air

I know how to feel the positivity
I work so hard to bring a new warmth into my body
So I feel love, securement, devotion and giving 
Back to the world that gives me so much peace so I can go on living.


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