“I’ll Say Bye To The Past” #newsong #lorijeanfinnila #singersongwriter

Photo by Tentes on Pixabay.

“I’ll Say Bye To The Past” by Lori


It’s funny because we’ve been so close

So much alike 

But still so far away

In our minds

I write this now for you

If you could see me now

How much I’m like you

And what I do

You’d laugh


I’ll say bye to the past 

Though I’ll remember it in a gentle way

I’ll always remember you

But I have to say good bye today


I’ve felt a shadow like you

It’s warmth so strong

I’ve seen the life

I’ve not seen in you

That I so appreciate 


I’ll say bye

To the past 

Though I’ll remember it

In a gentle way


The laughs that weren’t real

I can see now

I’m glad I have intelligence

I can use with no trepidation 

Oooo oooo ooo

How much I’ve learned

That has changed today

I’ve learned from a child

How beautiful evolvement is



The sun rises in a new way

I can’t believe 

how much I appreciate each day


I love myself like never before

I’ve found I’m such a good person

And have always been

It’s ok if life or people

Don’t understand me



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